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Certainly! Here are 20 ideas for freebies that Novatempus can offer to encourage newsletter subscriptions on your dedicated page:

1. E-Book: Create an exclusive e-book related to web design, development, or digital marketing.

2. Templates: Offer customizable website templates or email newsletter templates.

3. Resource Library: Grant access to a library of premium resources like design assets, icons, or stock photos.

4. Webinar Access: Provide free access to a live or recorded webinar on a relevant industry topic.

5. Cheat Sheets: Share handy cheat sheets for web design or coding languages.

6. Infographics: Offer informative infographics on design trends, SEO tips, or content marketing strategies.

7. Video Tutorials: Provide video tutorials on web design techniques or using design software.

8. Checklists: Offer checklists for website optimization, SEO audits, or project management.

9. Exclusive Discounts: Give subscribers exclusive discounts on your agency’s services.

10. Case Studies: Share in-depth case studies showcasing successful projects and strategies.

11. Whitepapers: Offer research-based whitepapers on industry trends and insights.

12. Website Audit Tool: Provide a free tool for subscribers to analyze their website’s performance.

13. Interactive Quizzes: Create fun and informative quizzes related to web design or development.

14. WordPress Plugins: Develop and offer useful WordPress plugins for free.

15. Design Resources Pack: Curate a package of design resources like fonts, color palettes, and UI kits.

16. Email Marketing Templates: Offer pre-designed email templates for subscribers to use.

17. Content Planning Calendar: Provide a content planning calendar template to help with content strategy.

18. UX/UI Guides: Share guides and best practices for user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design.

19. SEO Starter Kit: Offer a starter kit with SEO tools, tips, and keyword research guides.

20. Exclusive Community Access: Grant access to a private online community or forum for networking and learning.

These freebies can add value to your newsletter subscription and attract potential clients or collaborators interested in web design and development services.